About Flight Emissions Calculator

Flight Emissions Calculator aims to give you an insight into the CO2 and emissions that are produced by all different kinds of flights between over 600 different airports.

Where does your data come from?

The data comes from UK Government greenhouse gas report: conversion factors 2020.

What do the different flight types mean?

There are four categories of flights: domestic, short-haul, long-haul and international defined in the dataset. Domestic flights are defined as flights that depart and arrive in United Kingdom. Short haul flights are from the United Kingdom to a country within Europe. Long haul flights are from the United Kingdom to a country outside of Europe. International flights are flights between two countries in which neither are the United Kingdom.

What do the different seat types mean?

There are four different seat types: economy, premium economy, business and first. For different types of flight types different seat types are available and for all seat types an average of all seat types is available. Business and first class have higher emission per passenger as they take up more area than economy seats.

What is CO2e?

CO2e stands for carbon dioxide equivalent and is a more standard way of measuring different greenhouse gases in a single unit. Different greenhouse gases do different levels of damage to the environment, therefore its hard to compare the impact of each greenhouse gas. Therefore we convert the impact that one greenhouse gas into equivalent of impact done by CO2. For example methane has a 25x greater impact on the planet for one kilogram of methane produce that is equivalent to 25kg of CO2 being produced.