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What is the average CO2 Per Flight?

Lots of different factors are taken into account when calculating the CO2 emissions per flight, the most important ones are the distance and the seat type. As you would expect, shorter domestic flights have less total greenhouse gas emissions but longer international flights have a smaller CO2 per km due as a significant proportion of emissions occur during take-off and landing. Different seat types also impact the average CO2 per flight, as they each take up a different amount of space on the plane. Economy is the most efficient as they take up the least amount of area, whereas business and first class take up much more.

How do car vs flight emissions compare?

Planes and cars come in all different shapes and sizes, which makes them hard to compare. Planes emit far more CO2 per km than cars do, however planes hold far more passengers which can lead to cars having more CO2 per km than planes, depending on the distance. However plug-in hybrid cars and electric vehicles have significantly less CO2 per km, even coming close to zero depending on how the electricity is generated.

How to offset flight emissions?

The best way to improve your carbon footprint is to not fly, or at least fly less. If you have to fly then flying economy is better than flying business or first class, due to the amount of space each seat takes up per passenger. There are companies that you can pay to ‘offset’ the CO2 that you produce from your flight, where they invest in green carbon capture projects. However, these projects may not completely offset the emissions from your flight, so do make sure to do your research before offsetting your flight.

How much CO2 does the aviation industry emit?

The aviation industry contributes around 2.5% to world global CO2 emissions, however there is a imbalance between those who do and do not fly. Half the total emissions from plane journeys come from just 1% of the worlds population. It's not just the CO2 emitted that adds to climate change, around 30% of emissions is hydrogen which combines with oxygen in the atmosphere to form water vapour, this appears as contrails. These contrails also adds to the greenhouse gas effect by trapping in even more infrared rays.